LewdJam 2017

I write adult erotic IF on occasion, and I know not everyone is into that. That's why I'm not tagging this to syndicate to Planet IF. But if you have any interest, I have a preview version of a new game, Breeding Princesses of the Planet Lesbonicon available on itch.io submitted to the second of two LewdJam2017 jams that recently completed.

I had started this a couple years ago for the hilariously named "Space F****** Jam" but wasn't able to complete it with resources at hand.

The game is an adult pulpy space sex comedy circa 1982, very tongue in cheek, very very weird, and very very lewd. Check it out if you're interested in erotica, are of legal age, and are not on a corporate work computer. The text is explicit, but there are no pornographic images or sound - although some of the ambient music is funky or smooth-jazz suggestive of what you might hear in a porn movie. There is also a link to a spoilery-y list of potential content and trigger warnings at the beginning, though not everything listed is in this incomplete version of the game.

I hope to complete the story in the upcoming few months, barring fire, flood, or other intrusions.


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