Ectocomp is coming for you...

...fifteen hours...

...before EctoComp comes for you...

As if there aren't enough new games with the overladen buffet of IFComp testing the table legs, the submissions for EctoComp 2017 are due in less than half a day. 

You can play the games that are already submitted on, and voting will open after the deadline.

Ectocomp is a festival of seasonal Halloween and horror entries that are out to scare you (or at least inspire some chills) including speed-IF entries created in three hours or less, as well as longer works. 

There is usually a good range each year of both well-crafted brick and mortar haunted mansions oozing subtle gothic dread as well as tunnels of black plastic and 2x4s quick-slapped together with fake chainsaws and rubber masks; both can be a great time depending on your taste and mood for the holiday.

La petite Mort (English)
Le Grand Guignol (English)
La Petite Mort (Español)
Le Grand Guignol (Español)


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