ECTOCOMP is Brewing Up for Fall Again

ECTOCOMP, a yearly horror and autumn-seasonal competition that is often a welcome palate-cleanser following the smorgasbord of IFComp, is on again this year and is under new management.

This year marks the return of both size categories, and the first time Ectocomp is actively bilingual, soliciting entries in Spanish.

  • La Petit Mort is for speed IF created in three hours or less.
  • Le Grand Guignol is for more elaborate games programmed in more than three hours.
Check out the rules, schedule, and more details on at these links: 

Petit Mort English:
Grand Guignol English:
Grand Guignol Spanish:

Sign up and show us your nightmares! As of this writing, you have just over 26 days to get scary!


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