has the Summer jams!

Quick take: Starting almost immediately on is a "Summer Novel Festival" (SUNOFES) jam running to September 1st. This may be of interest to new IF authors not quite ready to jump into IFComp. A "jam" usually has lower stakes than a Comp; this one is no pressure, no judging, no prizes, just a sense of community focused more on the creation phase than the end product:
An online game jam focused on adventure, interactive fiction, role-playing game, and visual novels. Starts July 1st, ends August 31st, annually. Feel free to start working before the festival begins. No one is required to start their work from scratch unless they want to. If you have any unfinished projects in mind, you're invited to use this festival for completing it. SuNoFES has no judging or prizes - the only rewards are those that come from the challenge and camaraderie with others.
  • Takes place during July and August.
  • Project must be a new game and have not been published before.
  • Releasing a demo is fine.
  • Polished works are encouraged.
  • There are no "winners." Anyone who reaches their goal during the festival has completed SuNoFES, though it is encouraged to submit a game.

I'm not a regular on, but it offers a huge number of indie and experimental free and low-priced games, as well as the means to set up your own "storefront" (bazaar booth?) to present your own works.

I had a lot of fun there participating in Emily Short's "Bring Out Your Dead" jam of abandoned or stalled games.

They've got a lot of other fun stuff also starting very soon that may also be of interest to the community such as "Fantasy Console Jam", "Games Made Quick Jam", "Yaoi Game Jam" and "Pixel Horror Jam", so check out their whole timeline of upcoming jams.

P.S.: Don't forget June 30th is your last chance to get in on IntroComp as well!


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