Two Quick BOYD Discoveries

I didn't think I'd be interested in the non IF stuff, but some of it has been eye-opening.

First is How to Kill a Project by Wertle, a game designer named Lisa, who has created a biographical Twine which explains some of her experience with creating and abandoning games.  A few of these are actually embedded in the Twine and playable.  Favorites are Death Jeopardy and Imperfection.

It's interesting to see how certain game systems can be embedded in a choice-based story and inspires ideas such an interactive game map or a small physical puzzle or a graphical inventory.  The author's backstory is also interesting and this is an amazing use of Twine.

Watch your ankles on those stairs.
The second is not IF related at all, but has a very cool Portal vibe and an interesting concept.  Conflux's conceit is that certain 3D physical structures are incomplete until you view them from the correct perspective.  There isn't any documentation, but standard 3D controls, WASD-space-mouselook work, and left click will pick up an object.  This is obviously unpolished as there isn't a lot of feedback until you find the right precise spot to solidify a structure, and it is sometimes hard to tell if what you're seeing is "right" or not.

This is still a unique concept, a step on the way to the non-euclidean game I've always wanted that allows physical exploration of Escher-esque spaces.  This isn't it, but I liked it.  It's Mac only.
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