Graphic Adventure Sale on Humble Store

I clicked on an email notification for the Humble Store that was slightly misleading: "Choose Your Own Adventure Bundle," thinking it would have discounts on some Choice of Games (which are already ridiculously reasonably-priced) or things like 80 Days (which I already own, but I was interested to see a current discount price.)  On the site it's actually "Build Your Own Adventure Bundle" of graphical adventures which makes more sense.

Humble is offering some wonderful classic and remastered adventure games for a few dollars each. If you haven't experienced some of these in the past, it's well worth checking out, especially for Broken Age, and remastered versions of Grim Fandango and the original Gabriel Knight.  All of these on offer are available for Mac and Windows, several are available for Linux, and Broken Sword 5 also offers an Android port.

--Edited to add:  This sale will end on the 12th or 13th of June by my rough estimation, based on your time zone.  Countdown clocks are on each game on the website.

Matt also comments below that you can get 80 Days as well as other Inkle games, and Cibele, and Her Story among others in the Humble Narrative Bundle which is still on for four more days which is an excellent deal where you choose your own price for the entire lot.  This ends approximately June 14th based on your time zone.
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  1. 80 Days is currently part of the Humble Narrative Bundle, for 4 more days, along with Her Story, Cibele, Broken Age, and Sorcery 1&2.

  2. Those are all great, and probably a notch closer to the non-graphic IF community with the Inkle games and Cibele and Her Story.


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