Bring Out Your Dead Jam

Lots of popular IF heavy-hitters have posted unfinished works to Emily Short's unusual Bring out Your Dead jam which lets authors put unfinished and "dead" projects on display.

The jam is only on for about a week, so I don't know if these titles will be available or disappear afterward, so be sure go check out early experiments by your favorite IF figures such as Emily Short, Andrew Plotkin, Sam Kabo Ashwell, Caleb Wilson, A. Deniro, Carl Muckenhoupt, David Cornelson, Mathbrush, Laura Michet, Bruno Dias, Catacalypto, and possibly more as the six days of the jam progress.

The jam is not restricted to IF so there are some other interesting game experiences on display.  Many other people are blogging about this, so I won't go on in detail.


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