Wow. I made four games last year...

I only had four blog posts in 2014.  I also published four games.  One was only an intro, and two were short, but I guess that isn't bad, considering I tend to fly by the seat of my pants...

My games were GROOVE BILLYGOAT for Shufflecomp based one or more songs of a playlist provided by the organizer.  It was a recommended submission.

GOING DOWN, an Introcomp entry made in Inklewriter.  It did not garner much attention.  I may return to it someday.  It's based on a complete screenplay so at least I know the ending.

TRANSPARENT was the "big" game this year, which I thought I could whip out in a month and get it in shape for IFComp.  That'll show me.  I've manage to fix many of the problems and a post comp release is available on IFDB.  I'm very proud of it, mainly because my Inform IDE was glitched and didn't give me little shortcut arrows to where the problems in the source were, but I managed to keep the whole entire sourcetext organized from the beginning.  If I had not, it would have been utter madness, and I learned a whole lot about how to organize a game.  I also learned to be more insistent with my beta testers.

And finally DEVIL'S FOOD was a short CYOA built in AXMA Storymaker for Ectocomp in three hours (on purpose this time, as a speed-IF)  I almost didn't submit it, but was a dorky little story I wrote while bored at work.  I wish I could whip out hundreds of these little bite sized things, because it seems like these work for people as short stories, and the long-format stuff I've put out tends to lose people.

My fault.  And my fault for forgetting two years in a row that IFComp has a two-hour play limit.  Honestly I thought both FINAL GIRL and TRANSPARENT were short games.  I forget new players need to actually read all the text.

My games are described on my website and available on IFDB.


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