I'm currently playing Blood and Laurels presented in the newly unbound by legal constraints Versu system by Emily Short and love the writing.  I plan to review it after some more extensive play.  One of the bullet points is that a reader might only see ten percent of the total text in the game on each play-through.  There are achievements which seem to relate to the various twists in the story.  I'm not sure how much of a completionist I am, but we shall see.

I am working on an IntroComp entry, which is the perfect comp for me since I never finish anything.  Your money is so safe if I win, Jacqueline!  I did a version of it in Inform which utilized Threaded Conversation and wasn't quite happy with the results, so this is in Inklewriter.

I also bought Sorcery about a month ago, which is loads of fun.  Haven't completed it yet cause I'm stupid, but  I wish Inklewriter had a rudimentary sort of mapping feature available like that game.


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