Wow. I have not created a blog post in nearly half a year.

I don't think I have any kind of audience, and not like I would pander to them.  I would write a post when I want to write a post and wouldn't feel any need to justify...  Anyway, didn't blog a while.

Part of that is normal invasion of Real Life stuff.  After that got settled I got involved writing a ShuffleComp entry.  I've wavered between writing my neglected epic in Twine or Inform.  Inform got an update, so since the planets have aligned, I need to get back in gear.

So FINAL GIRL took 13th place in the IFComp, which is awesome with me.  It also got the Golden Banana of Discord, which means it had the greatest difference of high and low votes of games that year in the comp.  So it was a "love it or hate it" game.  Some people are just going to hate anything they can't type sentences into.

...Or have to create a login for!  My most awesome (not really) review consisted of "I will not make an account to play your damnable game.  AUTOMATIC FAIL FOR YOU.  Score: 1."  Instead of just saying "I did not play this game because I didn't want to make an account," he actually SCORED THE GAME A one...which is more harmful to your average than not rating...without playing the game.

I did get good comments and suggestions from Emily Short and Jenni Polodna which I actually put into the game.  Emily suggested another "skip the intro" jump point, and Jenni said she wished she could have hid when the Stalker got near, which are both there now.

My absolute favorite thing is that somebody actually created a videogame sub-page on the TVTropes Website under the "Final Girl" page that listed tropes in my game.  That was actually almost more flattering than winning, since many of the ideas that developed into the game I picked up while browsing that site.

And the game even got nominated for an XYZZY award for "Best Use of Innovation".  I was flattered to be nominated, but I guess it's sort of like a cinematography award.  Joey Jones somehow managed to squeeze some residual innovation out of his wrap-up review of the game.

So then Real Life stuff happened.  And I worked on my ShuffleComp entry, which is a "for fun" competition with high participation where every competitor gets a list of eight songs to use for inspiration for their game.  I had about a month to write it.  I sliced off the tip of my right middle finger in a kitchen accident (how much worse of a typing injury could you have besides total amputation of fingers or hands?) and was crippled the last weekend because pressure on that finger felt like glass going under my fingernail.  Luckily there's a dead time between submission and release of the games for beta-testing where I worked out the kinks.  This is mostly due to the help of my new circle of friends who -- wait, I'm violating the first rule.

I can't talk about ShuffleComp yet because it's an anonymous entry till the winner is announced.  One of my songs I submitted did get used, and thank goodness, because like the song I used, it's almost too perfect *not* to write a game about.  The game looks great!  I just need to finish playing it.

I need to update my website pretty badly.

Lots more stuff happened, and most of it didn't involve me!  New Inform, Spring Thing, Shufflecomp!


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