I had a chance to check out the Indie/Twine game my father's long, long legs and thought it was pretty well done.  It's a good example of the story types that work best on Twine.

In this case, there's not a whole lot of back and forth deciding on what to do.  You're advancing quite long passages of story (which are very well written) and then only at the end are you dropped into sort of a climactic scene where you have decisions.  Not story decisions, but pretty much it controls how long the tension is drawn for.

Worth checking out.  It reminded me a lot of the stories I had seen on Creepypasta, and is a good read if you have an hour to spare for Halloween shivers.

Spoilers after the break.

I thought this was a good story, but I didn't get the willies from it like many people said.  It's very atmospheric, but I had been told about the flashlight gimmick beforehand.  I also wish it hadn't advertised it used sound because I was prepared for it the whole time, and ultimately disappointed it was just one cue, which would probably have creeped me out if I hadn't been ready for it.

I also think more could have been done with the flashlight mechanic...such as making you search for the next thing to click on all over the page, starting it larger and making it slowly dwindle and flicker, and adding in little bits of illustration that built up to the final large picture.  Out of context, the last picture (long, long, legs, of course) were a bit comical when you see them all at once.  I wish you could only see a bit of one at once and the author would have made you follow it for a lot longer.  I think that was the intention, and the one slight bit of dread I got from it was that this thing was going to end up being connected to a GIANT SPIDER or something equally horrible...my father had turned into a giant cricket of some sort, maybe.  There's your second sound cue.  Still, you've got two bare legs that lead off the screen and it's just one giggle away from becoming a hillbilly sort of comic which would show "my father's long, long junk" or  "my father's bare, bare ass"...

Still, it's very well done, and perfect for the "shivery" type of horror that is a very acquired taste.


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