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History has been [REDACTED]

I'm surprised no one before this has thought to make a game out of George Orwell's 1984. The novel includes a very game-able scenario in that the main character's profession is to change printed publications--and therefore history--by editing news stories to reflect positively on the government and slander its enemies.  This dystopian concept is actually frighteningly more plausible now thanks to the internet.  Witness Wikipedia, where well-intentioned editors often constantly battle to prevent vandals from changing details about real-world events and personalities, putting their own thumbprint on general perception.
Redactor casts the player as an employee of the Ministry of Truth in the Records Department ("Minitrue RecDep" in 1984's prescient stylization preference of eliminating extraneous words and syllables) and presents a slim time limit and rules of how a news article needs to change:

You will have 25 seconds to rectify a newspaper article so that it re…

Two Quick BOYD Discoveries

I didn't think I'd be interested in the non IF stuff, but some of it has been eye-opening.

First is How to Kill a Projectby Wertle, a game designer named Lisa, who has created a biographical Twine which explains some of her experience with creating and abandoning games.  A few of these are actually embedded in the Twine and playable.  Favorites are Death Jeopardy and Imperfection.

It's interesting to see how certain game systems can be embedded in a choice-based story and inspires ideas such an interactive game map or a small physical puzzle or a graphical inventory.  The author's backstory is also interesting and this is an amazing use of Twine.

The second is not IF related at all, but has a very cool Portal vibe and an interesting concept.  Conflux's conceit is that certain 3D physical structures are incomplete until you view them from the correct perspective.  There isn't any documentation, but standard 3D controls, WASD-space-mouselook work, and left click w…

Bring Out Your Dead Jam

Lots of popular IF heavy-hitters have posted unfinished works to Emily Short's unusual Bring out Your Dead jam which lets authors put unfinished and "dead" projects on display.

The jam is only on for about a week, so I don't know if these titles will be available or disappear afterward, so be sure go check out early experiments by your favorite IF figures such as Emily Short, Andrew Plotkin, Sam Kabo Ashwell, Caleb Wilson, A. Deniro, Carl Muckenhoupt, David Cornelson, Mathbrush, Laura Michet, Bruno Dias, Catacalypto, and possibly more as the six days of the jam progress.

The jam is not restricted to IF so there are some other interesting game experiences on display.  Many other people are blogging about this, so I won't go on in detail.

Graphic Adventure Sale on Humble Store

I clicked on an email notification for the Humble Store that was slightly misleading: "Choose Your Own Adventure Bundle," thinking it would have discounts on some Choice of Games (which are already ridiculously reasonably-priced) or things like 80 Days (which I already own, but I was interested to see a current discount price.)  On the site it's actually "Build Your Own Adventure Bundle" of graphical adventures which makes more sense.

Humble is offering some wonderful classic and remastered adventure games for a few dollars each. If you haven't experienced some of these in the past, it's well worth checking out, especially for Broken Age, and remastered versions of Grim Fandango and the original Gabriel Knight.  All of these on offer are available for Mac and Windows, several are available for Linux, and Broken Sword 5 also offers an Android port.

--Edited to add:  This sale will end on the 12th or 13th of June by my rough estimation, based on your tim…